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What happens once my HREFlang XML is created?

Once your HREFLang Project is merged it will create, depending on the number of URl’s matched, one or multiple XML site maps for each of the country/language combinations.   It will also create an XML Site Map Index file that lists all of the individual files.

  1.  You need to take this zip file and upload it to your server.  Typically in the root folder unless you are using our HREFLang Hosting Option
  2. You need to add it to Google Search Console to let Google know it is there or refreshed and they will visit and grab the URL’s.    You only need to submit the index file and it will find the subordinate files.


For information please review:

Where to host your XML site maps –

Cross Domain Validation – Google Webmaster Guidelines 

Google Cross-Domain Site Maps –

Table of Contents