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Removing a Country or Language

If for some reason you need to remove a site, country or language from your project you can follow these steps.

Temporary Removal

If you have a site or language/country version in your project you need to remove temporarily you can

Permanent Removal

If you no longer need a specific version of your site in the project you just need to remove the source file(s) from being imported into the system. Once you remove the source files and RUN the project update the system will purge all of the

Step 1 – Open Auto Update System

If you have a live XML site map for this country/language simply paste it into the box for XML Site Map URL and we will fetch the file and import the URL’s.

Step 2 – Remove Source File(s)

Click each of the source URL tabs

Option 3 – XML Site Map Index File

If you have an index file with multiple files for this country/language you paste the URL as in Option 1 and then check the box for “Index Upload” this tells the system it is an Index file.

Step 4 –  Click the Blue up or down arrows to go to the top or bottom of the page and click update.


Make sure you add this source to the Auto Update function if you are using it to update your project.   If you do not add it to the auto update-source option any of the countries you added during this process will not be added in the future.

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