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How to Remove a Country or Language Clone

If you have set clones in your HREFLang Builder project and no longer need them you can easily remove them from the project.

Removing a Clone

Step 1 – Go to the main project View Screen with the list of countries. At the very bottom on the far right, there is a blue “List” icon. Click it to bring up the current list of Clones and Replications.

Step 2 – To remove the clone find it in the list and click the red trash can icon to “Delete” the clone.

Step 3 – The system will push a confirmation message. If you are sure you want to delete the clone click the “OK” to remove it.

Step 4 – The system will return a confirmation that the replication was successfully removed.

Step 5 – To remove the listings from the XML site maps you will need to rebuild the project.

Option 1 – Rebuild your project using the Auto Update Run function.

Option 2 – You can also wait until your next automatic build and it will update then.

Table of Contents