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ERROR: Something wrong with Host access. Files were not uploaded

If you get this error message in your HREFLang Builder Update email it means that there is a problem with the upload to the XML host server where we upload your XML site map files.

Recommended Actions – Self Hosting

If you are self-hosting your XML site map files on your server follow these steps to resolve this error.

  1. Log into HREFLang Builder and click the Storage link in the top navigation.

2. Review the credentials provided with your developer

3. Make any updates to User ID/Password or the host IP or URL and save the new information. Once updated you can run the update job and confirm access has been restored

4. If you need your XML Site Map package to do an update while you wait for your developer to validate these credentials you can temporarily disconnect the auto upload to storage following the steps outlined in that guide.

Recommended Actions – HREFLang Builder Hosting

If HREFLang Builder is providing the hosting please complete a support ticket to ensure we have identified this error and are working to resolve your hosting.

Table of Contents