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Enable Mapping Tag Names

This is one of our advanced mapping features that lets you give us to match all pages that have a unique product ID even if the URL’s are localized or have a different structure across markets. This ID needs to be contained in the page as a Meta Tag or in a in page JavaScript. use to identify same pages for markets with localized URL’s. Note: To use this feature you must Enable URL Checking

For example, one client has a tag in the page with the name “CanonicalPageName” and this has a unique ID for this specific item across all countries. Since this number is the same, we can import it and assign it to each of the URL’s. Then use that ID to match all pages that have the same “CanonicalPageName” ID

Examples of Mapping Tag Names:

With this “skuID” setting we will look for a string in the code, as shown below, that has that unique ID number. We will then match all pages in the database that have the ID PV-69Y553Y53564 as being the same page.

Similar to the above, we will look for pages that contain a unique BaseProductID

Note: We can combine the Tag Named feature with our Mapping Tables features to allow you to map regional pages with unique numbers to different numbers from another region. This is more complex and requires us to set some mapping in the database.

Table of Contents