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How to Add URLs to a Country

Hreflang Builder offers a number of ways to upload new or add additional URLs for a specific country when they are not part of your normal import source.

Append CSV or Excel List via Auto Update

This is the best option for importing URLs for one or multiple countries. You can upload a single or multiple CSV or Excel files with multiple country URLs.

Caution: These URLs will continue to be imported until you remove the file.

To add the source files, click Auto Update in the main header of the application.

Step 1 – In the Auto Update screen click on the Append Files tab

Step 2 – Click in the “Drop Files Here” box to open the find and select the file(s) on your computer. You can add multiple Excel or CSV files during this step. The files should ONLY have a single column of URLs with or without a heading row. 

Step 3 – Click the blue update button to save the URL source files in the system. Note: This does not regenerate the XML files.

Step 4 – If you want to add them immediately and update the hreflang XML site maps you need to click the green RUN on the main Auto-Update screen for your project. If you do not click run, these new URLs will not be imported until the next automated update cycle.

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