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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020

Ways to Add URLs to a Country File

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There are a few ways to upload new or append additional URL’s for a specific country when they may not be part of your normal import source.

Option 1 (BEST) – Append CSV or Excel List via Auto Update

This is the best option for importing URLs for one or multiple countries. You can upload a single or multiple CSV or Excel files with multiple country URLs. The benefit of this option is they will continue to be imported until you remove the file.

  1. In the Auto Update screen click on the Append Files tab
  2. Click the box to open the find and add file option and select the file on your computer with the URLs.
  3. Click the blue update button to import them into the system.
  4. If you want to add them immediately and update the HREFLang you need to click RUN on the main auto-update screen. If not important they will be added into the system on the next automated update cycle.

Option 2 – Upload Individual Country CSV or Excel List

If you are adding URLs for single use only you can add them via the Main View Screen. NOTE: Any URLs added this way will only be added ONCE and will not be added in future updates unless they are in your primary source. If you are not sure they will be added then we suggest you use step 1.

Step 1 – From the View screen, click on the Edit option for the country/language you wish to update and it will open the edit screen for that location.

Step 2 – Click the option to upload a Data File and then select the CSV or Excel file you wish to import. Note: this file should only have 1 column of URL’s and the URLs MUST be only for this country. This method does not interpret the URLs and assumes you are uploading a correct list for this location.

Step 3 – Select the desired Replace/Append option.

Replace means that all URLs for this location will be removed and replaced with this list.

Append means the existing URL’s will remain and any URL’s on the list not in the system will be added.

Step 4 – Click the blue update button a the top or bottom of the screen.

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