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Import Individual Site Maps for each country/language

 If you have individual XML sitemaps for each country that you need to import into Hreflang Builder you can add them via the Auto Update function that is available from the main heading. This function should have already been set up when the project was created. You can update the sources at any time.

Step 1 – Click Auto Updates

You will see “Auto Update” from the main header click this link to open the Auto Update Management screen.

Step 2 – Click Sitemaps Tab & Add Sitemaps

Paste any new XML sitemaps into the box. If you need to remove old source file simply delete it from the box. Then go to Step 3.

Step 3 – Click Update to set them for import

After you have added/removed your XML site maps, click the blue UPDATE button at the bottom to add the link(s) and files to the import system. Go to Step 4 to process/rebuild the Sitemap.

NOTE: This only sets the new import source but DOES NOT automatically generate the new XML sitemap files. It will run on the next automatic build. If you wish to process these new source files now go to Step 4 and do a manual “RUN” of the job.

Step 4 – Click “Run” to Import & Update

Click the “Run” button to start the import process. The system will import any new XML sitemaps that were added to the system with any other source URLs and build a new HREFLang XML.

Table of Contents