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Add URL’s to Ignore and Exclude

Use this option to list any URLs that should not be added to the hreflang XML sitemap. These are typically privacy statement pages or sections of pages that you are not able to remove from your source files.

Note: With this option, the URLs will be imported into the database but will NOT be added to the XML sitemap output. If you do not want them to be imported you should use the “Ignore on Upload” function that will not import them into the database.

Rules & Format

Enter URLs separated by comma or each on a separate row – to exclude exact URL – to exclude full directory

Note:  This does not stop them from being imported into the database – they will not be added to the final XML export.  Also, if they have a robots block they will also show up on the error report.


Any URL’s that you are excluding in this feature should be removed from your XML site map or URL import source.  This feature is not designed to be a long-term fix.

Table of Contents