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Importing XML Index Site Map(s)

 Use this option when:

1. You have a master XML index that links to individual Country/Language XML files

2.  The index file is live on the web and you have the URL.


File Formats:  XML

1. The file needs to be an index XML file with multiple XML site maps included – see example below:

2.  XML site map must be live on the website

How to Setup Import:

To add the Index XML source files, click Auto Update in the main header of the application.

Step 1 – In the Auto Update screen click on the Append Files tab

Step 2 – In the Index Files box, paste the URLs for the index XML URL(s). If more than one, each should be on its own row.

Step 3 – Click the blue update button to save the URL source files in the system. Note: This does not regenerate the XML files.

Step 4 – If you want to add them immediately and update the hreflang XML site maps you need to click the green RUN on the main Auto-Update screen for your project. These new URLs will not be imported until the next automated update cycle if you do not click run.

Table of Contents