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Why do I have an Unknown_Unknown_csv File

If your project has a red row and the file name is Unknown_Unknown that is a holding file for any URL’s that we could not assign to the country/language syntax setting you have in your project.

Click the blue “View URL’s” button and look a the syntax of the URL’s.

If they don’t match what you entered for the format we need to work on a custom regex.

If these URL’s are not related to the site or for domains not in your project you can delete this file. Note, if you delete this file it will occur again until you exclude the URL’s or update your source files.

How to Update

Step 1 = Click the blue “Edit” button in the row that you want to edit.


Step 2 – The edit screen will appear and jump you to that specific country.   Click the “Country Language” pull down and scroll to find the correct country and language combination.  If this is a version you want to designate as a “Global Langauge” then you scroll to find that option.  Please review these guides for more details on setting a global language or setting an x-default.

You can repeat this for any other row in the projects by clicking the “Eye” icon to open the country edit information.

Step 3 – Once you have set the specific country language you can scroll to the top or click the up or down arrow to get to the top or bottom of the screen.



Step 4 – Once all if your edits are correct click the Update button.  This will set each of the country/language elements and update the view screen.


Note: Once you have set it the first time we will use that setting for all future uploads.

Table of Contents