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Setting Global File Name Prefix – XML Site Maps

If you have both standard XML sitemaps and hreflang XML sitemaps, you may need to use a unique name to indicate the different XML files for each market. Hreflang Builder provides the option to append a common identifier to each of your individual country XML sitemaps. If you do not require a unique name, no action is required. If you do you can follow the steps below to set it.   

The default naming convention uses the format “href-sitemap-cc-ll.xml”  which is why the field is empty to accept the default.

Note: This option adds the same prefix to ALL individual XML sitemaps. If you only need/want to edit a specific market’s XML sitemap, use this process.

Step 1 – Go to the main Edit screen

Step 2 – Click the “eye” icon to open the Custom File Naming option.

Step 3 – Type the preferred prefix (note the system will append “sitemap-cc-ll.xml” to designate the country and language and that it is an XML file.

Step 4 – Click Update to update and save the edit. The custom string will be appended during the next update.

Table of Contents