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August 24, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Setup Automatic Updates

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You can set up HREFLang Builder to automatically fetch source files, import them and map them to each other and deliver or upload updated HREFLang XML files.

Step 1 – Click the option for “Cron Jobs” (Auto Update) in the header to open the Auto Update screen

Step 2 – On the Auto Update screen click “+New Cron Job” or if you want to edit an existing auto update please follow those directions.

Step 3 –  In this step there are a number of edits – each of them are detailed below.

Update Name: Give this update a name. Normally the name of the site or project.  

Update Frequency – when do you want this project to update?  You can set it to Monthly or Weekly or Daily updates.  This should align when your source files are updated. 

Run on/at – When do you want it to run?

Monthly – you can select the day of the month

Weekly – you can select the day of the week

Daily – updates between midnight and 3am server time.  

Select Project –  Which XML Site Map project are you updating? Select from the list of your current projects.

Import Source –  What is the format of your update?

XML Site Map Index File – If you have a master index file that has a list of individual XML files this is your best option.  This allows new countries to be added and we will detect them automatically.  

XML Site Maps – if you have individual XML sitemaps for each country select this option and paste all of the URL’s below.

NOTE:  You can add Dropbox or Google Drive files to the XML site map listing and we can import those. 

Append Files – if you have additional URL files you want to add temporarily or to compliment the XML files you can add them here.  The system will remove any duplicates.  Note, these will continue to be imported until deleted. 

Once everything is set click the blue “Create” button and it will run at the designated time.

The screen will change and add your update to the list.



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