Find URL Source Files
August 24, 2018
How do I upload a custom URL mapping table?
August 30, 2018

Setting up Automatic Updates

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You can set up HREFLang Builder to automatically fetch source files, import them and map them to each other and deliver or upload updated HREFLang XML files.

Step 1 – Click the option for “Cron Jobs” (Auto Update) in the header to open the Auto Update screen

Step 2 – On the Auto Update screen click “+New Cron Job” or if you want to edit an existing auto update please follow those directions.

Step 3 –  In this step there are a number of edits – each of them are detailed below.

Auto Update Name: Give this update a name.

Run Every – when do you want this project to update?  You can set it to Monthly or Weekly updates

Run at – When do you want it to run?

Monthly – you can select the day of the month

Weekly – you can select the day of the week

XMLMap –  Which XML Site Map project are you updating? Select from the list of your current projects.

Import Source –  What is the format of your update?

XML Site Map Index File – If you have a master index file that has a list of individual XML files this is your option.

Multiple URL Files – if you have individual XML sitemaps for each country select this option and paste all of the URL’s below.

Upload Multiple XML Site Map Index Files – if you have a larger site and multiple XML files for each country you may have individual country XML index files.

Source Location – Paste the URL location for these source files.

Note:  We are working on the ability to set a directory to import those files from a hard drive location or your shared drive or service.

Once everything is set click the blue “Auto Update” button and it will run at the designated time.

The screen will change and add your update to the list.