HREFLang Builder Features

Unmatched Innovation

The HREFLang Builder is a scalable tool for rapidly mapping and deploying search engine compliant HREFLang XML sitemaps to designate the various alternative language and country versions of your site.  This innovative solution has a host of features unmatched in the industry.

Complex URL Mapping

No matter your global site structure’s complexity, we have developed a method to identify and map alternate pages, even with localized directories and URLs for over 36 automated and rule combinations.

SEO Crawler Tool API's

To make source URL importing easier, we have partnered with SEO tools like Screaming Frog, Content King, OnCrawl, and DeepCrawl to automatically import URLs directly into HREFLang Builder via their API connectors and scheduler functions.

Manage Multiple Domains

Hreflang Builder makes it easy to manage hreflang across multiple domain and folder structures.  We can easily map the URLs and leverage cross-domain mapping we can export directly to a centralized location to host your XML sitemaps quickly in a secure environment.

Error Checking

We have built-in error checking and URL validation to produce 100% error free XML site maps that ensure you maximize your crawl budgets.

Automated Updates

We have integrated the ability to auto-generate new HREFLang XML files on a set schedule by automatically pulling from your updated source files.

Missing Page Identification

Quickly identify pages missing from source files for each country or language version with easy to read color coding.  The perfect way to find GSC errors.