How do I Add a New Country or Language Version to an existing project
July 26, 2018
Why is my country file missing?
July 26, 2018

Using Missing Page Identification Feature

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The Missing Page Identification report allows you to quickly identify which pages are missing from your source file in each market.  You can also see which pages are mapped to each other.

This feature shows all of the URL’s that have been added to the database.   Users can quickly see with

Red Boxes – indicate that page is missing from that country/language version.

Green Boxes – indicates that page was added to the database for that country/language version

Orange Boxes – indicates the page is included but has some sort of error like 301, canonical etc.

Most of our users download and share this report with the country managers, IT team, and localization teams to try and understand why the pages are missing from the source files.

How it works:  

Once all the files are loaded we create a table that lists all URL’s added to the database and maps them to the appropriate countries.  Most of the time, it is a problem with how the site is building XML site maps. In many cases, we find some markets are never updated. Once the problem is identified the pages can be submitted and traffic increases.

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