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Enable Custom Index XML File Name

If you need to have a different file name for your HREFlang XML Site Map Index file, you can enter any name you want in the field.  This is often needed when you are using HREFLang Builder for multiple projects on the same domain or want to ensure Dev Teams know what file does for the site.  When we generate/update the XML Index file, we will name it accordingly. 

Required Setting:  No.  It is unnecessary to change this field unless you require a unique name.  

Default Setting: “href-sitemap-index.xml”  or empty – we assign the default name to any index XML sitemap file unless you add a custom name. 

Note:  If you need/want to name your individual country XML site map files, you can use the “Global File Name Prefix.” If you do not set this, it will take the default name.   

Table of Contents