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July 21, 2019
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July 25, 2019

How do I download my custom URL mapping table?

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To download your current URL mapping table use the following steps.

Go to the main “View” screen and click the “Match Directories” option to bring up the mapping screen.

In the upper left corner, click the “Generate” button to download your current mapping file.

This file may have multiple tabs depending on the types of mapping you have setup.

  1.  Super-Directories – this represents any of the level-1 (mysite.com/cc/ll/folder/page.html ) mapping you did using the system interface
  2. Sub-Directories – his represents any of the level-2 (mysite.com/cc/ll/folder1/folder2/page.html ) mapping you did using the system interface
  3. Imported-Directories – this tab represents  any of the custom mapping you have uploaded into the system.

Note: Once you edit this file with any changes you have to separate it into different files to import it back into the system.  To upload changes please review Upload Custom URL Mapping instructions.