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How do I upload a custom URL mapping table?

To upload or update your URL mapping table use the following steps.

Go to the main “View” screen and click the “Match Directories” option to bring up the mapping screen.

In the upper right corner of the mapping screen, click the “Upload Matches” to bring up the upload widget that is shown below.

Once the custom upload screen appears, follow these steps to upload your file.

Click the Update Matches button on the master Mapping interface

Step 1 – Click and select the option of “Custom-Directory”

Step 2 – Choose the file you want to import (CSV or Excel files)

Step 3 – Click to confirm you have Column Names

Step 4 – Click Upload – it will import the file and the screen will tell you when it is imported.

Note:  These updates are additive.  If you need to add new custom matches you need to add them to this list.   If you want the full list deleted for a full refresh enter a ticket and we can do that for you.

If you need a list of your current mappings follow these steps to download your current mapping file.  

Alert:   Adding mapping elements to your mapping file DOES not add the URL’s into the database.  You need to ensure your source has these URL’s or they cannot be mapped.  

Table of Contents