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July 3, 2019
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July 21, 2019

Append New URL’s to Existing Country

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If you need to add additional URl’s to your country source file for a campaign or to fill in URL’s missed by your CMS or crawl you can append them to an existing project.  

If you meet the criteria below you should use the You can use the Country URL Append Method to add them to the current list of URL’s and rebuild the XML files without importing all URL’s from all sources.

Warning: These URL’s are only added once and if they are not in the master source file on the next update they will be removed. If you

How to Append Additional URL’s

Step 1 – For the country that you wish to update click the “Edit” button to open up the edit window for that country or language version.  

Step 2 – Near the bottom of the edit box click “Browse” button located next to the Data File section. It will open a finder window for you to locate the CSV file with the URL’s you wish to add.

Step 2 – Click “Browse” then locate the file(s) on your computer.

Source File Requirements:  

  • The CSV or Excel must be unique to the country/language you selected. It cannot have URL’s for any other country or language.
  • The file should not have a header row or any other columns

If you wish to add URL’s for multiple countries you should separate them into different files and add them using this method for each individual country or you can use the Bulk Append function un Auto Update.

Step 3 – To the right is the option to Replace or Append the URL’s. You want to select Append to add them to the existing list of URL’s for this country or language. If you choose “Replace” it will remove all URL’s and only add these new ones.

You can repeat this process for an additonal countries you wish to update.