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Post Update Report

This report lets you quickly see if there was a decrease or increase in markets or URLs in your periodic updates.

To view this report go to Auto Update and on the far right you will see the History Icon.

Clicking the History Icon will bring up the History Report with a list of all of the recent updates. Currently, we are only keeping 10 periods of updates.

  • CC/LL, This is the number of Countries and Languages in the report. If this changes, you should review the report.
  • URLs – this is the number of valid URls in the system this period. Large increases or decreases should be reviewed.
  • Details – if you click this icon it will open a popup shown above with the status for each market in your project.
  • Href – If you need a local copy of your project, you can click this download icon to download your Hreflang project.
  • Simple – if you have created simple XML sitemaps you can download the packet here
  • Delete – you can delete old periods or updates that were incorrect. Note that we will only keep the most recent 10 updates.
Table of Contents