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How do I Add a New Country or Language Version to an existing project

It is easy to add additional countries and language versions to your project at any time.  If you are using the Cron Update feature of HREFLang Builder for updates follow these guidelines.  If not follow those below.

Step 1 – Click the blue Edit button to open the main project view screen.

Step 2 – Go to the bottom of the country list and you will see the button to “Add New Data File”  – click that button and you will see a new entry appear above for the country.

Step 3 – Click the “Eye” icon in the new entry to open it to add the data points for this new file.


Typically there are only 2 edits you need to make.

1.  Choose the Country/Language combination for the new entry.

2.  Choose your URL source.   This you have a few choices

Option 1 – Add XML Site Map URL – use this option if the country has a single XML site map.  If you have multiple files for the country make sure you check the “Index upload” checkbox so the system will look for the files.

Option 2 – Upload file(s) – if your URL’s are in a CSV or multiple XML site maps you can choose this option.  Keep the default choice of “Replace.”

Table of Contents