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August 1, 2019
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December 30, 2019

Setting up OnCrawl API

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If you use OnCrawl for SEO Diagnostics you can use those crawls to create a validated list of URL’s to be imported into HREFLang Builder. To complete your set up we need a few things from you. This page does not tell you how to set up the API for your use but how to get the information we need to use it on your behalf.

Please review the requirements and considerations for using the API.

Step 1 – Create your API Token (Key)

To create your API click the Admin option for the name of your account and choose the API access.

  1. On the API Access Tokens page create your API Token by clicking the button “ADD API Access Token to generate New API Key which will popup a window with the API token.

2. Give the token a name like “HREFLang Builder” and click the “Project Read” option as we only need to export data. Then click “Create Token?

OnCrawl will generate a API Key for you. You need to copy this full number and save in a txt file or copy directly into HREFLang Builder Using Step below. Note, you WILL NOT be able to retrieve this key again you will have to create a new token.

Step 2 – Copy your Token Key

Make sure you have a copy saved locally since this key will not generate again. You will have to delete it and start again.

Step 4 – Create/Edit Auto Update Tas3

Once you have the items above, log into HREFLang Builder. if you have an Auto Load job set up currently jump to the next step. If you do not follow these steps to create a new Auto Update job.

Step 5 – Configure HREFLang Builder for OnCrawl API Connections

This is where you add all of the information from the previous steps to the admin section in Auto Updates.

  1. lick the OnCrawl Tab to open the API configuration box
  2. Paste your API Key ID from Step 1
  3. After adding your API key click update and the system will conect with OnCrawl. The screen will change after connecting to Deep Crawl with a list of all of you.
  4. Select all of the project(s) you wish to have imported into the system. These can be individual projects for each country/language or a master project of all URl’s for all countries.

Step 6 – Configure URL Merge Options

  1. Ignore other URL’s will not import any URL’s from any other sources. This ensures only the validated URL’s from OnCrawl are imported.
  2. Check other URL’s – this is the default option and will pull in URL’s from any other source listed in the auto loader. Note, all URL’s will be treated equally and if error checking is not set you may be importing non-validated URL’s.

If you have any issues with setting this up please complete a help ticket. For any assistance with OnCrawl access or active accounts please contact your OnCrawl account representative.

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