Add URL’s to Ignore and Exclude
August 4, 2018
Set/Change Exported XML File Size
August 4, 2018

Set URL for HREFLang XML Server Location

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Currently, HREFLang Builder will build a separate XML file for each country and language and then create a master XML index file that references each of these files.

To build this setup we need to know the location where you will host the XML files so we can map all the URL’s to it.

In the text box enter the location of the domain and any folder structure where you plan to host the files.



While most sites put all of the files in the root folder there are others that add them to a /sitemaps file or even put them into the local country folders.  We have an option for you to designate where these files will be loaded so we can build an accurate XML index that eliminates the need to submit the individual files.


Additional Options: