Duplicate URL’s used in HREFLang Elements
July 30, 2018
Read Me – Selecting your Country/Language Syntax
July 30, 2018

Understanding HREFLang Builder Error Codes

Search Knowledge Base by Keyword

Search Knowledge Base by Keyword

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If you click into your View Screen you will see the master list of countries and the number of URL’s detected and those with errors.   If you have no errors that is great!

If you mouse over the numbers in RED a popup will display with the types and number of each error type.

Common Error Codes

Status CodeError Description
0This means the page is not returning any status for the URL.
CANThe page submitted has a canonical tag pointing to another URL
301 CANThe page submitted has a 301 redirect to another page and that destination page has a canonical to another page
301The page submitted has a 301 permanent redirect to another page
302The page submitted has a 302 temporary redirect to another page
403The page submitted has a 403 forbidden header – occurs when you block crawlers. Suggest you whitelist HREFLang Builder
404The page submitted cannot be found
RobotsThe page submitted has a robots noindex tag on the page

Note:   Please review Server Status Codes or contact us for any additional questions.

Why should I care about these errors?

  1.  None of these pages with errors will be added to your final HREFLang XML file
  2. Search Engines don’t have unlimited resources and won’t waste their time importing XML site maps that have a lot of errors we have built in a number of error detections into the tool.   You can turn this error checking off but if you do you are responsible for any problem that comes from submitting a lot of junk to the search engines.
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