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Why is my country file missing?

If you open the view for your HREF XML account and it is full of red rows it is due to the tool not being able to detect the country or language.

For example, a common problem when we cannot understand what your site settings are.  If you choose a syntax of but your Arabic site only uses /ar we will be confused as this does not match the syntax.

Another error, would be if you set the format of and you use the syntax of the country then the tool would generate an error for as that is a language setting and not a country setting.   Similarly, the confusion between /ar being a country Argentina or the Language Arabic.

If you had set this as a country in which case/ar was for Argentina, we do not know of the site is in Spanish or English.  So you would need to tell is which it is so we would give you an error to select which country it is.

Table of Contents