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Status 0 Code

If you get a Status 0 code in your update report or in the view screen the following may help you understand the reason for the code and how to fix it.

Meaning of Status Code 0

Status 0 , means that we did not get a normal response from teh server nor did we get any sort of Header Status code. For example browser says status = (failed)

Reason 1 – Incorrect Server Logic

In a nutshell, the page won’t load and give us any response. This is often due to some logic on the server that sends it into a loop or breaks the connection. There are many reasons for this. Our suggestion is to try to load some of these pages in different browsers and see if you can replicate it.

A second reason is a misconfigured both check protocol. Since we are pinging these pages the DevOps team may not have configured the whitelisting correctly and when we request it repeatedly rather than rejecting us with a 403 error, the server simply does not know how to respond and does not give any status code. This may be the case when you can load a page in your browser but we cannot. You can try to use your SEO Diagnostic tool of choice to put load on on the server to diagnose this problem.

Reason 2 – Incorrect/Expired Secure Certificates

When we request a HTTPS Secure page the browser checks the HTTPS certificate. For example, if you have a site but the https certificate is page the browser will send an invalid secure certificate warning. It does not give an error code. But if you go to this page with your browser you should get the same error.

Along those lines, many large sites on multiple domains fail to configure an intermediate HTTPS certificate so servers do not know if this is a valid certificate. Simply set the certificate correctly and these errors should stop.

Table of Contents