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Reviewing the Update Status Report

Once your HREFLang XML has been updated we will send you a notification of the status via the email you used to create your account.  This status may include either an attached zipped file with your updated files or a link to them if the file is too large.  Those clients with dynamic updates will be notified of the successful upload.

In your update will notify you of the following:

URL’s in the XML Before and After 

These are the numbers of URL’s from the previous update and this current update.   This allows you to monitor radical changes (increases or decreases) in the number of URL’s.

URLs before update: 27,256
URLs after update: 27,247

Suggested Action:  

If the URL increase/decrease is significant you should go to the main view screen and review any countries that have inconsistent numbers of files.  Often this change is triggered by the increase or decrease in source files.

URL Status & Errors Detected:  

This alerts you to the number of successfully processed URL’s as well as the number of errors detected if error monitoring is enabled.

200 status URLs: 25,765

Robots Blocked URLs: 89

Different Canonical URLs: 14

301 Redirect to Different Canonical URLs: 400

301 status URLs: 915

404 status URLs: 64

Suggested Action:  

Go and download your error report so you can see which countries have these problems.

Countries and Language Versions 

This is the number of countries and languages processed.  This is set to tell you if a new country or language has been added or if one has been deleted.  Since we are detecting this from your master source this can automatically update as your site does.

Country/languages before update: 47

Country/languages after update: 47

This is followed by a list of updated, deleted or new country language files:

Updated country/languages:
Argentina Spanish (ar-es)
Australia English (au-en)
Austria German (at-de)
Belgium English (be-en)
Belgium French (be-fr)
Brazil Portuguese (br-pt)

Suggested Action:

If you have decreased in countries look at the report to see which was removed. The most common problem is when your source file(s) have changed.  Either the file name has changed or the file was removed.

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