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December 17, 2018
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January 1, 2019

How do I Add or Replace URL’s for a country?

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We have a couple of methods to add new URL’s into the system and which to use will depend on what you are trying to do.

If you want to replace all URL’s for a single market and they are not in your current XML/CSV source files use the Append and Replace method.

Note:  If these URL’s are on your current XML site map it is best to just refresh the entire set.

Append & Replace a Single Country

If you need to replace a lot of URl’s for a single market or append additional URL’s for a single build of the XML only then follow these steps.


Step 1 – Select the Country to Edit

From the main “View” screen, click the blue Edit button for that country/language version you wish to update. That will open the edit screen and also that country edit section.

Step 2 – Select your Import Source

Go to the bottom of the edit screen you will see the option for “Data File” and click the button “Choose File”.

Note:  The system will only import a CSV formatted file and it should only have 1 column that contains the list of  URL’s

Step 3 – Select Replace or Append URL’s

 Click the replace option and then decide if you want to do one of the following with the new URL list:

  • Replace – with this option you are deleting ALL URL’s for this country language combination and replacing them with the URL’s in the CSV file you are uploading.
  • Append – with this option you are ONLY ADDING these URL’s to this country language combination and any previous URL’s will remain in the system,

Caution:  If you are using Automated Updates these URl’s you are uploading may not be included in future builds if they are not in the new source files going forward. 

Step 4 – Click Update to Refresh the Site Map

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