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May 1, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Reducing Language Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

[Originally Posted September 9, 2015 and updated May 1 2018]

If you received a notification from Google that you have language errors on your site you can correct them by identifying the source of the problem.

In this screen capture below, it indicates Google found 30,100 referneces to pages mapped to en-si.   Given the number of errors, I suspect they dev team did not create a XML site map for “en-si” to link back to the other countries.

Try the following:

  1.  Ensure each country that is missing has an XML site map
  2. That each country that is missing the XML site map has few to no errors preventing it from being loaded
  3. Refresh your XML HREFLang XML site maps
  4. Subscribe to HREFLang Builder and create and map a complete set of HREF XML Site Maps.