Why am I being charged sales tax?

Hreflang Builder must legally charge sales tax on our products and services. Your subscription type and business address will determine whether the products and services you purchase are subject to U.S. state and local taxes and applicable tax rates.

For Hreflang Builder to charge sales tax accurately, please ensure that your physical and billing address under Account Settings in your dashboard is up to date, and if you are a company, ensure you have checked that box or you will have to pay a higher consumer rate.

What is the tax rate being charged?

Tax rates on Hreflang Builders’s subscription are at the 1% digital services rate for B2B transactions. Refer to Connecticut Sales and Use Tax for Prewritten Software for more information. For any setup and consulting services, those fall under Connecticut’s Provisions for Taxable services. These tax rates may change over time.

How do I see the taxes I am being charged?

If sales tax applies to you, it will be listed separately on your monthly invoice or the checkout summary after entering your business address. Your monthly invoice will include the fee and tax amounts collected. You can view your orders in your account dashboard.