HREFLang has been identified as one of the most complex and technical activities in Search Engine Optimization and may require specialized knowledge and experience to navigate through the process to not only get it set up correctly but reap the benefits.

HREFLang Strategy

For some multinational companies, hrefang implementation can be a complex process with a number of nuances related to handling regional sites, dark markets, and legal requirements. We have worked with numerous clients to outline the opportunities ad implications of hreflang and how to use it to their advantage.

HREFLang Business Case Development

Over the years we have worked with numerous multinationals and agencies to develop their business case for the upside from deploying hreflang. We have developed business cases that helped support internal development as well as using HREFlang Builder. We use many of the same methods that we describe on this blog post on Building your HREFLang Business Case. Feel free to contact us to develop a proposal.

HREFLang Proof of Concept

Along with developing a business case we can leverage the agile functionality of HREFLang Builder to develop a Proof of Concept. We can use a sampling of pages, especially from markets that have known challenges, to build a smaller XML site map that can be deployed quickly. This will allow you to monitor the change for those specific URL’s and the related traffic to demonstrate to management that hreflang improvement is worth the investment.

HREFLang Builder Deployment

For most sites deploying HREFLang Builder is pretty easy and a self-setup works perfectly. In other cases where there are complex domain structures and multiple variations of sites it is often easier to work with our team get HREFLang Builder set up perfectly for your needs.

HREFLang Alternate Mapping

While we have developed 36 different methods of mapping alternate URL’s there are often sites that need to use a variety of these methods or resort to manual or cluster mapping. As we have done thousands of complex mapping cases and developed our own methods to solve the problem we are often in a better position to figure it out in collaboration with your team or agency. Also, alternate mapping can be resource-intensive and have nuances many companies in this situation prefer to outsource that mapping to our team.