Business Need:

The client approached Back Azimuth with a problem that they were not ranking well AND getting much traffic from their local markets assumed duplicate content or lack of indexation might be a problem.   They put an interesting constraint on the project to not significantly cannibalize US and Global Site Traffic.

Project Goals:

  1. Increase pages indexed in local markets
  2. Increase organic search traffic to local markets
  3. Ensure local page is ranking in local markets


Back Azimuth reviewed the 45 countries and found that most of the XML site maps were missing or outdated.  New XML files were created for each country and loaded into HREFLang Builder.   Using the Index Checker functionality found that globally 74% of the pages were not indexed in some cases over 90% were not indexed.


Since the implementation in March, all three business problems were solved and even stayed within the cannibalization constraints.

Local Market Traffic Increase – All markets experienced at least a 20% increase in organic traffic a 75% global increase.