We are pleased to announce our new Hreflang Demystified course.

This course aims to demystify and simplify one of the most confusing and challenging topics in SEO, the hreflang attribute.  Hreflang has been around for over ten years, but many people still misunderstand how hreflang works and the real reasons it can be challenging to implement.  

I spent a lot of time reviewing many of the “ultimate guides to hreflang” and the featured snippets and People Also Asked responses to understand why people are so confused about hreflang.  It was frustrating to read the intro to one of the guides saying, “hreflang is very challenging to learn, especially if you don’t have a technical background.”  This is not true. 

This course provides a quick and practical guide to explaining the hreflang attribute, when and how to use it, and implementation and best practices. It is designed to help website owners, digital marketers, and SEO professionals understand how hreflang can enhance their website’s international performance through its correct implementation.