If you have landed on this page you have either encountered our diagnostic bot in your log files or you are looking to set up bot permissions to allow HREFLang Builder to access your site.

Bot Name: 

 “HreflangBuilder/0.1 +https://www.hreflangbuilder.com/bot.html

About Hreflang Builder Bot

Our diagnostic bot is named “HreflangBuilder/0.1” and its only purpose is to request client URL’s (web pages) to ensure that it is valid and can be requested by the search engines by checking the Header Status CodeMeta Robots Exclusions and Rel=Canonical tags

HREFLangBuilder Bot does not cache web content or any personal data only tests those items noted above and records the response.

Excluding HREFLang Builder Bot

We obey the Robots.txt protocol and will not crawl your site if you exclude the our user-agent in your robots.txt file. To do this add the following entry: 

User-agent: HreflangBuilder

Disallow: /

If you are no longer a client and have excluded our user-agent please contact us at help@hreflangbuilder.com so that we can cancel any projects that might still be running.

Including HREFLang Builder Bot

If you wish to whitelist HREFLang Builder in your CDN and Security tools please follow our guide. Note, if your DevOps or Web Security Team has excluded us and you wish to use our tools you will need to remove this entry to allow us access.