How do I download my custom URL mapping table?
July 24, 2019

READ Me First – Quick Start

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HREFLang Builder has a lot of features which can make setting up your first project seem like a challenge.   The following are the items that you must consider and be able to set when you start.  Any item on the setup screen not on this list you can skip it since it is set to the default option.  Once you are set up you can go back into the system and configure any other settings necessary for your unique situation.  

Step 1 – Give the project a name

Please add a descriptive name for your project. Typically the name of the company or the domain of the site. If you will have multiple projects name them logically so you know which is which in your project list.

Step 2 – Select Import Source – How we should import your URL’s.

This tells us what type of files we are importing.  Review this document for more information on understanding URL Source options

Step 3 – Define the Country/Language Format of your URL’s

Select from the list which format matches the majority of the URLs for each country. Review this document for more information on understanding language/country setting options   Note if you have multiple formats see our help section on Multiple URL Formats

Step 4 – Set the Root Domain

This is the root domain location where you expect to upload the HREFLang XML site map files. We use this to create a master index file that lists the location for each of the individual country XML site maps. If you are not sure just add your main domain and you can change it later.

Step 5 – Select eMail Delivery Method

This option tells is how to email the completed XML site map files. You have the option to have them emailed as an attachment or as a link. If your company has struct rules on attachments it is best to select download. This will zip the file and upload it to an Amazon S3 share and add the link to the confirmation email to where you can download it. Once you are set up you can change this option or to any of the storage options.

Step 6 – Click Create

If you set these 5 items above that is all that are required to get you up and running. If any of these items break you will get an email notification that there is a problem and we can help you resolve it.